What is Yoga?

In Sanskrit “Yuj” means to bind or to Unite & concentrate one’s attention on Pineal Gland & it also means union. It is through the activation of Sahasrar Chakra or the Crown Chakra that our Soul-Mind-Body can get attuned with the Supreme Being or Universal Spirit or Paramatma. Follower of Yoga is known as a Yogi or a Yogin.

It is the true union of our will with the will of God.

“Yog is the Journey of the SELF, through the SELF, to THE SELF”. — THE BHAGVAD GITA

Yoga was collated, co-ordinated and systematised by Patajali. Patajali enumerates eight limbs or stages of Yoga for the quest of the soul.

  1. Yama – Universal moral commandments
  2. Niyama – Self purification by discipline
  3. Asana – Posture
  4. Pranayama – Rhythmic control of the breath
  5. Pratyahara – Withdrawal and emancipation of the mind from the domination of the senses and exterior objects
  6. Dharana – Concentration
  7. Dhyana – Meditation and
  8. Samadhi – A state of super-consciousness brought about by profound meditation, in which the individual aspirant (sadhaka) becomes one with the object of his meditation- Paramatma or the Universal Spirit.