Team Yoganand

We’re disciples of the renowned Yog Guru Shri Brahmachari Yoganandji (Parvati Yogashram). We’re in process of learning & teaching Yoga consistently since last 18 years. Till date we’ve put Ashtang Yog in practice, it is nerve culture, to bring Body, Mind and Soul at peace and in sync. As very well said in Shri Bhagvad Gita “Yog is the Journey of the Self (Body) through the Self (Mind) to the SELF (Soul)” & many scriptures say ‘SELF REALIZATION IS GOD REALIZATION’.

Our Therapies: (for 7 years & above)

Module – I 

Yogasan, Pranayam,

Module –II

Yogasan, Suryanamaskar, Pranayam

Module –III

Yogasan, Suryanamaskar, XBX, Body Toning Asans, Pranayam

Module – IV (Stress Management Session)

Yogasan, Suryanamaskar, XBX, Body Toning Asans, Pranayam

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Meditation, Advance Yogasan.

Module – V (Stress Management Session, Conscious Living & Basic Meditation)

This Module is specially designed for School/College Teachers & People dealing with more Mental works.

We conduct workshops in schools/Colleges 2-3 times a week & 8-12 times per month, that will boost your performance based on conscious living that will create harmony in overall Thought Process.

Schools/Colleges can contact us for FREE demo WORKSHOP.

Our team mentors school children, corporate offices, Doctors, Senior Citizens, specially-abled population and many other suffering from Physical, Mental or Spiritual ailment (Nervous System disorders, Blood pressure, Diabetes, Cardiovascular problems, migraine, Asthma etc.)